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uh . . . karmathartic?

how'd you come up with that?

Long story, short: dad jokes. Wordplay. For real.

As a Dad, it's my job to keep everyone in a fresh supply of puns, spoonerisms, and portmanteaus. When my daughter starts wheezing during one of her frequent laughing fits, we call that a laughsma attack. One of the main characters in her bedtime stories is a globe-trotting chicken named Sailor Twift (see Taylor Swift).

For better or worse, my head's just hardwired this way. And Karmathartic is a portmanteau combining the words karma, which in Eastern philosophy, according to its most rudimentary definition, simply means cause and effect, or action, and catharsis, which, in Western psychology, denotes self-discovery through creative expression, particularly writing, but through all art forms.

So, Karmathartic means - perhaps - deliberately cultivating, through creative expression, the causes and conditions for transformation and understanding. Something like that.

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Corina & Zack

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An epic adventure engagement session at Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, a morning ceremony in Newtown, Connecticut and a vow exchange and reception at Valley View Farm in Williamsburg, Massachusetts.

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