new hampshire elopement

Photography for those madly in love

You're eloping

and what an adventure it will be!

You've decided to elope and that is amazing - just you, maybe a handful of family and friends with the freedom to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You'll bring your wanderlust, your love, and your highest aspirations to a day that will surely be one of the best days of your lives.

I can hardly wait to help you get started!

Okay, let's go!




let's discuss

the details

whew, got

that figured out


your options

Kindly fill out the contact form and I'll send a pricing guide. You can select the package and add-ons that seem like the best fit for you guys. That will generate a thumbnail estimate at the bottom. Submit that, and we'll go over everything when we connect. Or if you'd rather wait and discuss everything when we chat, that works for me!

So, yeah. When you're interested in booking me, often the next step is to meet to establish some rapport and chat about all the awesomeness that is to be your elopement. Or, if you prefer, a quick chat on FaceTime, Zoom, or the phone works just as well.

And after you've told me all about your elopement, we'll make it official and you'll have that part of your adventure figured out. Whew! I know what a relief it was for us, finding the photographer for our big day. I am so stoked for y'all. Onward!

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Luydmilia & Vlad

a maritime forest


There are no other persons on planet Earth with whom these two would gladly get shipwrecked than with each other.

have a look