Me? Not a big fan of talking about me, but here goes . . .

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most of my life, I’ve been a storyteller of one kind or another.

When I was five, I’d put on impromptu theatrical performances for my parents’ dinner guests. This prompted my folks to enroll me in acting classes; the better part of my formative years were spent on stage. While attending arts school, I learned the fundamentals of photography, back when the art form was still mostly analog. I can still remember the acrid aroma of the developer fluid in the darkroom. I’ve tried my hand at writing fiction more than once or twice and co-produced and starred in a full-length independent feature film (still in post-production). But photography? I’m obsessed. I mean, at night, I dream about it. Seriously. Conceiving of and setting up shoots. Editing images. And when I wake up, I’m always stoked to realize it’s my actual, real-life job.

I really enjoy the challenges and creative constraints of telling a story, teasing out meaning and emotion, in a single, two-dimensional frame. So, yeah, every time I show up to a shoot, no matter the occasion, be it a local or destination wedding, an event, or family lifestyle session, I’m fired up and ready to craft some killer images.

Hm. Let’s see. What else? I’m a husband who definitely married up. And I’m a dad. Our kids, Silas and Penelope, are both bitchin’ human beings. I love fatherhood. It’s mostly joy and delight, punctuated by moments of sheer terror. Haha! Thanks for listening to my story.

We look forward to telling yours.

It’s the way your best friend sheds a tear as she hugs you for the very first time in your dress, the way the soft wind catches your hair as you walk down the aisle. It’s every moment leading up to, and including the moment when you say I do. These are the details that will stand out in your mind forever, and it’s why I love doing what I do.

I work closely with couples all over the world who are passionate, creative, and above all else, are crazy in love with each other! The most important story of your life doesn’t end with “and they lived happily ever after” — it starts with it. Learning to craft those stories in a way that is unique, memorable, and that stands the test of time has been the most challenging and gratifying part of my life, and I am enjoying every second of it!

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